We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service

So I've been tempted to write this for a while now and the holidays put me over the finish line on that decision. Life is just too short.

Since starting this company January 16, 2017, we've had a blast building what started as a love project in to a five person company and watching our beds be delivered all over the world by everyone's awesome photo submissions and social media posts. I mean...who doesn't want to look at cute dogs all day knowing you've put something under their sweet furry bodies that makes them happy?!?

We've made a ton of new friends and reconnected with old as people took a chance on our young company and put our beds in their homes (and cars too...we love when we see our beds on the road!).  But there's one thorn in my side I have to address. Nasty people. And no, I don't mean the Nasty Women of the recent election's womens' movement. I mean people who do not know how to be kind when dealing with a retailer (or anyone else for that matter) when communicating about their order. 

Whether it's a problem with a bed (and PS...we've replaced all problems to date) or a delay (and PPS...we're moving to ready to ship by the end of 1st quarter 2018 so delays will be a thing of the past), this does not constitute a reason to be impatient, rude, nasty, or otherwise unkind and we will refuse your order from that point on. I have never been in the habit of letting people talk badly to me or my employees and I won't start now.

Somehow we've gotten quite mean in our society. I don't know if it's the nature of our internet based world where people hide behind their keyboards spewing nastiness, but I'm writing to say we won't stand for it and you can take your business elsewhere if this is your style of communication. In a world with over 7 billion people in it there are too many beds to sell to nice people (and their pups!). 

There is just no need to get nasty over dog beds. Nice people only please.

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