Why We Make Pillow Style Dog Beds

Happy Tuesday Y'all!! 

So yeah. Why we do 'em how we do 'em. 

One of my major goals in making dog beds was creating a product that didn't look like a dog bed. I didn't care for the structured form of beds often found on the market and my dogs love pillows so...

That's the style component of the why, but there are practical reasons too.

Like...washing. With removable covers you can wash one or the other or both depending on your need. Personally, I like to have two covers per insert (and let's be honest, I may have some access), so when I'm washing covers I have a clean dry alternative to immediately put on the insert(s). Because we feel air drying is best for all of our covers, it's nice to have something to immediately replace the dirty cover with. I tend to wash covers every two weeks and inserts every 4-6.

And then there's destruction. We've only had a few pup customers destroy an insert (that we know of, of course, and let's be honest, that doesn't include husbands...), but we have had a couple handfuls destroy covers. Easy peasy...no need to buy a whole new bed, just replace the cover and you're good to go.

Also, one word...PUPPIES.

I'd be remiss not to mention seasonality and things like that. The vanity quotient if you will. Sometimes you just wanna change your look and a new cover makes that happen. Holidays got you feeling a certain way...there's a cover for that. Can't decide what bed you want? Buy one with an extra cover and you don't have to choose (and then you have that extra for washing purposes like we mentioned)! And if you're like some of our favorite design and decorating customers, you might just need one for every room...because you just do, and those IG photo shoots.

There's also the refreshing an old bed concept. Maybe the one you have is still going strong, but it's starting to look worn and tired. Give it a face lift with a new cover and keep using that same bed.

Whatever your reason...we hope this video from Coco's Awareness Project gives you a belly laugh like it did us!! Enjoy :)

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Mindy Lamont