The Last of the Made to Orders Coming Your Way

As we finish up our first year of business and look to year 2 it has been clear that moving to a ready to ship basis is a necessity. Not only will that get orders in to your hands on an immediate (or closely thereafter) basis, but it will eliminate a lot of time spent reworking logistics when the craziness of start up sets in and little hiccups become long delays.

 Photo provided by  ANG Photography .

Photo provided by ANG Photography.


One of the challenges we see is availability of Mexican blanket patterns, as they come and go. In a perfect world we have a large inventory of blankets to pull from allowing us to know exactly how many beds can be made with said inventory and we pull down colors as they are ordered to be made within a day and shipped within 2. This would eliminate leftover inventory if something doesn't sell and gives us flexibility in how blankets are used. Given that our operations are not centralized (yet) and cross multiple state borders this will have to wait (hopefully not for long!) and in the meantime we will move to building an inventory of covers and inserts that can be shipped upon order, sticking with our best sellers we know you all love. This process is going to take a minute to prepare for and we are still shipping out orders from the end of last year. We are also looking to set up our Design & Rescue lines in similar fashion and have eliminated poorly performing fabrics to simplify this process.

In the meantime, while we're working on Fi + Mimi 2.0 (which BTW, has some big things in the works we can't wait to work through and share) we have 20 spots open for Made to Order purchases. And we're putting them on sale at 20% off. Call it 20 for 20. Or something like that ;). These will be the only 20 orders we're taking between now and the end of March and they will have a 6-8 week lead time. Still a faster shipment than waiting for Ready to Ship, but 6-8 weeks nonetheless. Use code 20FOR20 to be one of the 20 orders available and save 20%.

Happy Shopping!!


Fi + Mimi

Mindy Lamont