Mexican Blanket Dog Bed Care Instructions

Hey there!! These Mexican blanket beds are built for the long here are a few tips for care… 

First things first: they do shed before the first wash so be careful when wearing black ;) 

Also, we suggest washing sooner than later because it tightens up the weave of the fabric and makes it stronger and less prone to snags. And the more you wash, the stronger and softer they get.

When you’re ready for your first wash you can opt for a soak in white vinegar and water prior if you want to retain full color. We’ve done it both ways and didn’t see much difference, but wanted to throw it out there. 

 Photo courtesy of Heavenly Creatures Photography

Photo courtesy of Heavenly Creatures Photography

Soak or no soak, wash with whatever detergent (no bleach) you use on medium or cold and hang or lay flat to dry. The blanket fabric does ball up on the first few washes (kind of like a new rug) so have a lint roller handy. You’ll notice with each wash the cover gets softer and fuller and shrinks a bit causing the insert to look more overstuffed (the look we were going for!). We’ve intentionally cut the unwashed covers to accommodate for this shrinkage. 

Washing the insert can be done in the same load as the cover (we suggest taking the cover off) and follows the same instructions minus the shedding ;). You may see some of the color transfer from the cover, so if you’re OCD about these types of things like us wash them separately. You really don’t want to machine dry either and can certainly hand wash both if you prefer. 

That being said, we welcome all feedback and thoughts on how your bed fares over time. Information from customers is the best way we can continue to improve.  



Fi & Mimi