Where dogs and design meet

Fi and Mimi was born out of a desire to purchase dog beds that worked with the flow of my home. After searching and searching for something that my dogs loved that didn't look awkward in the house I woke up one day and said "let's do this." It was January of this year, and after having it on my mind for six months or so it was time. 
We chose pillow style beds because they flow best with an interior, looking like floor pillows that can be piled up next to the fireplace, at the foot of a bed, in a home office or outside by the pool. We started with Mexican Falsa blanket covers and will be launching a new line a month for the rest of the year. Many of our new lines are being designed under our Design and Rescue program where dog lovers and their dogs work with us to select fabrics for a line to benefit their favorite rescue organization. We've also got brand ambassadors modeling beds to raise money for rescue through social media posts. To date, we've raised money for A Purposeful Rescue, Rescued Rollers, Chews Life Dog Rescue, and Road Dogs. We've donated beds to the fundraising efforts of others that have touched over 20 other rescue organizations too.

Our covers are handmade in Southern California and Colorado and our inserts are made in the USA.

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