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The California is Here!

As we head on out of California we launch the first edition of The Road Trip Collection, a collaboration with OkiDoggy Pets for the benefit of Hearts For Paws Rescue in Davis, California. Available on a made to order basis with a 6-8 week turn around.


Our Favorite Things

We’re kicking off Our Favorite Things with slip leads and clip leashes from Mountain Dog Products. It was love at first sight the minute we got our hands on ‘em…


"When I came across these fashionable pet beds on Instagram, it was love at first sight."

— Heather Dowdy, Nashville Paw


The Adventures in Dreamland Collection

The Adventures in Dreamland Collection was designed to keep those summer adventures going all year long. 10% of sales are donated to Boise Bully Breed Rescue.


"They're attractive, affordable, and basically one giant pillow cover so if your dog ever has any accidents on it, it comes right off and is machine washable!" 

Emily Blanchard for Dana McMahon, Apartment Therapy

"It's so rare when you get to be involved in something that delights you on every level. Rescue is very close to my heart with Burger and Bacon, so anything I can do to help raise awareness and support rescue is wonderful."

— Amber Drsata talking about the Hygge Hound Design & Rescue collection she helped create as quoted by Pierogi & Co.


Fi + Mimi

Fi + Mimi was born out of a desire to purchase dog beds that worked with the flow of my home. After searching and searching for something that my dogs loved that didn't look awkward in the house I woke up one day and decided to design my own. It was January of 2017, and after having it on my mind for six months or so it was time. 

We chose pillow style beds because they flow best with an interior, looking like floor pillows that can be piled up next to the fireplace, at the foot of a bed, in a home office or outside by the pool.  Many of our new lines are being designed under our Design and Rescue program where dog lovers and their dogs work with us to select fabrics for a line to benefit their favorite rescue organization. To date, we've raised money for A Purposeful Rescue, Gunnar's Wheels, Chews Life Dog Rescue, Road Dogs & Rescue, Boise Bully Rescue and Mr. Bones & Co.. We've donated beds to the fundraising efforts of others that have touched over 20 other rescue organizations too.

Our beds are made in the USA using textiles from around the world.

Thanks for shopping with us!

~Mindy, Fi & Mimi